Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To The ER

So yesterday we had a little accident here. My son, who is 2, was being a typical boy & running through the house. Of course we had been warning him all morning to walk. Finally around 9:30 am his running came to an abrupt halt. He had slipped on the floor face first and split open his chin. So we the bleeding to stop and got everyone dressed & headed for the hospital. It didn't take long to get in, our hospital has a separate children's ER. So we got back there & they did all his vitals & measure the cut (about an inch long). Another Dr. came and of course put the medicine in the cut with a needle and some topical with cotton & tape over it. While we waited for that work we were shown back to another room. Well, there were so many kids in the ER that day, and of course only one Dr. on, they had to get a Dr. from the adult ER. Luckily he was good with children. About an hr & 1/2 later a nurse came in and cleaned his wound with saline & we proceeded to wrap him like a "baby burrito". Mind you he had been given some loopy medicine to help him be more cooperative. The Dr. came in and so started the pinning down war.

Now let me do a little back tracking here. My son had spent some time in the hospital for RSV when he almost 1. When I had taken him to the ER with 106 temp, on Halloween no doubt, the tested him for everything... including
Meningitis. Which of course requires a spinal tap. I was in charge of the oxygen tube while 3 other nurses, including a very large man was holding him down. They had given him 4 doses of Anesthesia, baby doses of course, and he was still fighting tooth and nail.

So to get back to the current visit, even tho he was loopy, he had 3
ppl holding him down again. One nurse, who was quite small, was sitting lightly on his legs on the gurney, I was holding his arms down, even tho they were pinned with the sheet, and another nurse was holding his head still while the Dr. did the stitches. Of course he was so glad when that was over. He was giggling and stoked that he had been so brave! So 5hrs. later we finally got home. As for today, the day after, he is still running through the house! ;)

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