Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Camera?

Why are we so driven by & attracted to the temporary when we should be looking at the blessings around us? We spend all our time thinking up ways to gain another dollar to add to the stash for that new camera, car, tattoo, shoes, clothes, etc... Why is it that sweeping the floor & doing the laundry suddenly become so important the second your child asks you to play a game? Most of us wish we could go back to being a kid again when the worst thing that happened was we got grounded. Yet we ignore our own children because of THINGS that need to be done right that second, instead of staying up an extra 30 minutes at night to get those things done. We're so busy planning the future, where we're gonna live in a a couple years, where the kids are gonna go to school, & what we're gonna buy that we can't see the precious seconds that are just flying by. We wonder "Where has the year gone?" We should all be so thankful & want for nothing. Yet it's never enough. The list never ends. Most importantly, as one of my best friends puts it, why is it we will give ourselves that extra 10 mins. to stop & get coffee or check our e-mail one more time, but can't take 10 mins. to read a couple chapters in The Book Of Life, or to chit chat with God. Yet when we do go to God it's usually because we want something. Oh sure we add in there the thank-you's first, but we really just WANT Him to do something for us.

I'm not saying that planning for the future is a bad thing, cuz it is very important, but when we become so obsessed with planning that that's all we seem to do, it becomes dangerous. I, for one, am so weary and tired of wanting THINGS. What I really want is to play that memory game with my daughter & race those cars with my son. Life is so fleeting as it is, why can't I, pardon the pun, stop & smell the roses? I know that I am completely guilty of everything here. But I have discovered that my desire to change it is now deeper than my desire for that new camera.

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